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This suxxxss..

I utterly hate being single. I mean for a few weeks, it’s ok. but after like a year or so it gets reallyyyy old lol. I see all these couples out kissing and everything (im not hating when i say this)..but please don’t do that. ok. I mean it’s ok. i don’t MIND it. Just look around to see if there is a lonely girl/boy somewhere kinda looking at you with a look like “please not in front of me..please not in front of me”, if you see one of those just try to be considerate enough to turn where they can’t see you. lol. cause it really suxx…

soo yeah..

So yeah..I was looking at the photos of like people that go to my old high school..and now i officially regret withdrawing from high school and getting my g.e.d. i saw all the things that i missed out on. this would have been my senior year!!!! wahh!!! :(((( 

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